Looking for the perfect gift for your cotton anniversary? Check out these ten perfect cotton anniversary gifts.

Are you stuck when it comes to romantic anniversary gift ideas?

While being married for two years may not seem like a long time in the grand scheme of things, it's still a milestone worth celebrating.

What better way to do so than by following the traditional gift themes for wedding anniversaries! If you ever feel like you're hitting a brick wall with anniversary gift ideas, these are a great way of drawing inspiration.

The traditional theme for a 2 year wedding anniversary is cotton, and the associated gemstones are garnet or rose quartz.

Depending on your partner and their preferences, gifts can range from relatively cheap, to more high-end and luxurious.

Read on for our top 10 picks for cotton anniversary gifts!

1. Egyptian Cotton

Nothing says luxury like fine Egyptian cotton. This makes for a beautiful cotton anniversary gift.

Woo the special man or woman in your life with the silky smooth indulgence of a 2000 thread count to lull them into only the most restful of slumbers.

And hey, it doesn't have to be a snooze fest. Admiring beautiful new bed linen could lead to a fun and tumble under the sheets with your love.

2. Embroidered Cotton Towels

This is a cotton anniversary gift that can be both luxurious and personal.

Whether you go for expensive cotton for your towels or not, having them embroidered with you and your partner's initials can make for a really beautiful personal touch.

Initials, 'Mr. and Mrs.', or even a simple motif or quote that means something to you both - get creative!

3. A Cotton Shirt

If you're brave enough to buy clothing for your partner, this can make a wonderfully thoughtful cotton anniversary gift.

And why stop at a shirt? If that's not your partner's style, find another cotton garment that you feel would suit them. A dress, a skirt, even a pair of socks or boxers - whatever takes your fancy.

One of the things that really makes a gift is personalisation. If you get your spouse a cotton garment you know they'll love, it's the thought that matters.

4. Cotton Tableware

Much like the cotton towel idea, cotton tableware like napkins and placemats can be embroidered and personalised.

With a beautiful matching tablecloth, you can set the scene for a romantic candlelit anniversary dinner.

Go the full shebang with rose petals and mood music if you're into that, too. Who can resist a lovingly prepared dinner to go along with a traditional matching cotton tableware set?

All in all, we think this would make for a great anniversary surprise!

5. Cotton Anniversary Dressing Gowns

If you're less candlelit dinner and more Netflix and chill, matching cotton dressing gowns are the way to go.

You don't have to have elegant taste to have a good time. If cuddling on the sofa in cozy dressing gowns with takeout and a good film is your idea of a perfect, romantic night in - go for it!

Your cotton dressing gowns can also be embroidered with a personal touch. Or better yet, presented with a hamper of your partner's favourite movie-night snacks. If the way to their heart is through food, you'll know what to do.

6. Cotton Slippers

If you truly love your partner, you want them to be comfortable. Comfort means happiness.

What better way to feel comfortable than to slip into a snug pair of cotton slippers after a hard day's work?

These can be a tie-in for your matching dressing gowns or a solo gift in their own right.

There's nothing stopping you from offering the love of your life a complimentary foot massage either. Sometimes attentive details like this can be just the secret to a long and happy relationship.

7. A Cotton Handkerchief

Maybe your partner likes to dress smartly, or maybe the film you just watched during your anniversary night-in made them cry. Not to worry, wipe those tears away with a cotton anniversary handkerchief.

In all seriousness, handkerchiefs, and pocket squares can really finish a suited look.

Whether it's as a fashion accessory or a small but thoughtful gift of an emotional spouse, a handkerchief makes for a gracious gift.

8. Cotton-Scented Candles or Reed Diffusers

Admittedly this may be a bit of a cheat, but you'll get points for originality at least!

If your partner is a lover of candles and all things smelly, a candle or reed diffuser with a fresh cotton scent could end up being really well received.

Make your anniversary a sensory experience and entice your olfactory senses!

9. A Spa Day Treat

If you can't settle for a solo cotton anniversary gift and would rather indulge your partner with a memorable experience you can both enjoy, go with a spa treatment.

Again, this doesn't have to be a cheat! You'll probably both end up wandering around the spa in complimentary cotton dressing gowns, head towels, and slippers anyway!

This is definitely a fun and memorable way to spend your second year anniversary, and who's going to turn down a day filled with blissful relaxation and massages?

10. Red Glazed Eternity Rose

It may not be made of cotton, but you may remember we mentioned that the gemstones traditionally associated with anniversary no.2 are garnet and rose quartz.

Reflecting the red colour theme for this anniversary, our Red Glazed Eternity Rose encapsulates the romantic essence of the classic flower.

If you're feeling generous, your beautiful Glazed Eternity Rose can accompany another one of our suggested cotton gifts.

Perhaps you could present it wrapped in an elegant cotton napkin or handkerchief, or rest it on top of your new cotton bed sheets or towels.

Combining the two for extra symbolism will melt the heart of any hopeless romantic.

What About You?

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Dr. Carissa Coulston, Clinical Psychologist

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