Do you think you've met the right person for you? We can help you find out. Keep reading for 10 undeniable signs you've found your soulmate.

Are you wondering if you're in the right relationship?

Do you have a feeling that the person you're with might be 'the one', but aren't sure how to identify whether or not they're the best partner for you? 

If you want to know if what you have is the real deal or a fleeting fling, read on to find out the 10 ways that you'll know you're with your soulmate. 

How to Know if Your Partner is Your Soulmate

1. They support you

Your soulmate is your biggest cheerleader.

They'll always support you in everything you do. Even if their hobbies or pursuits don't always match yours, they still show an enthusiastic interest in what you love. 

This goes both ways. You derive happiness from seeing your other half succeed and doing things that make them happy. 

2. You make each other better

Your soulmate is someone who makes you feel like you are a better person when you are with them.

Your relationship helps both of you to learn and grow together. Perhaps you challenge each other in ways that make you reflect and grow, or perhaps you just want to be a better person for your partner. 

This doesn't mean that your partner should make you feel as though you need to change. That's an important distinction to make. The right person will build you up, not tear you down.

Both of you should feel empowered by your relationship, knowing that you're stronger together than you are alone.

3. You feel secure

The right person is someone who you feel safe with.

No matter what, you both know that you'll always have each other's backs. That means being there for each other come rain or shine. 

4. You're good at communicating

Communicating with your soulmate shouldn't be a chore.

When your relationship is right, channels of communication are open. You feel comfortable opening up to them, knowing that you won't be judged or criticised for what you say. 

You may still fight sometimes, but it never descends into petty name calling. Communication is always respectful, and you always make an effort to be honest, open and understanding. 

Mistakes are bound to be made, and feelings do still get hurt from time to time, but the important thing is that both of you are able to recognise when that has happened, and know when and how to apologise.

When you do have problems, you work through them together. As a result, your relationship becomes stronger.

5. You respect and embrace your differences

The right person for you doesn't have to hold all the same beliefs as you or agree with everything you say.

In fact, it can be good to challenge each other. Soulmates can be complete polar opposites in many ways, but with some couples, it just works. As they say, opposites attract.

Statistics show that the majority of couples in Australia share the same religion, but this doesn't need to be a deal breaker.

You can be completely different people, but as long as you respect the ways in which you're different, it shouldn't be a problem.

Remember, your soulmate would never try to change you.

6. You trust each other

Many people have been in a relationship where they have felt jealous at one stage or another.

With your soulmate, it's different. 

When you trust each other completely, there's no need for jealousy. Petty jealousy is a sign that your relationship isn't right. When you're with the right person, you don't need to worry about where they are or who they're with, because you know you’re the one for them.  

7. You can tell what each other is thinking

It sounds so cliche to say that you finish each other's sentences, but it's really true. 

With your soulmate, communication feels easier than it ever did with previous partners. This isn't just because you're good at talking, but because you know each other inside and out. This means that you don't always need to verbalise something for your soulmate to know what you're thinking. You can read each other's body language and demeanour. 

8. You feel comfortable

You and your partner should feel completely comfortable with each other. 

Of course, there's always that awkward phase at the start of a relationship where you're self-conscious and afraid of showing your flaws. However, over time, you'll have grown to feel comfortable.

This is important for building trust and allows you to form an unbreakable bond together.

Your partner sees you at your worst moments as well as your best and still loves you regardless, so you don't need to feel uncomfortable when you're around them.

Soulmates love each other and accept their flaws.

9. You're loyal

It's unrealistic to think that you or your partner shouldn't be attracted to other people. It's human nature to find other people attractive, but when you truly love your partner, you don't want to be with anyone else.

When all is said and done, you always want to come back home to them.

10. It's passionate

People in relationships often talk about feeling a 'fire' of passion.

For some, it's powerful when you first get together, but ends up fading and eventually fizzling out. For others, it maintains its intensity for years to come.

When two people are right for each other, that fire keeps burning for a long time. It may not always be as intense as it first was, and sometimes you might have to make an effort to keep it going, but the spark is always there.

Relationships aren't always perfect, even if you're with your soulmate. For some tips on how to keep that fire alive, read our post on how to save a relationship before it needs saving

Make sure you stay together

The percentage of Australian couples who live together has been steadily rising for years. In 1986, it was 5.7%, but had risen to 16.2% 25 years later. It's expected to keep going that way. For modern day couples, it's more important than ever to be able to live together in harmony. 

In order to do that, it's important to have many of the values listed above in your relationship. If you do, you'll be more likely to marry.

If you can see a lot of similarities with what you read here and your relationship, chances are that you're with a soulmate. 

If you're still not convinced, read our post on how to know if your partner truly loves you.

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Dr. Carissa Coulston, Clinical Psychologist

BSc(Hons), MPsychol(Clinical), PhD, MAPS