Are you looking to get your girlfriend or wife something unique for Valentine's Day? Read on to learn about unique Valentine's gifts for her.

Valentine's Day is coming up, so don't wait until the last minute to buy something for that special woman in your life.

Instead, be prepared this year and get her something that'll wow her socks off. Here are 10 unique Valentine's gifts for her you can consider purchasing this year.

1. Personalised Couple's Stuffed Animals

If your significant other likes stuffed animals, then this is a great gift for her. Although stuffed animals are cliche for Valentine's Day, you can bump it up a notch by getting not one, but two personalised stuffed animals.

One can have your name on it while the other has hers. By giving her the one with your name and keeping the one with hers, it'll be a cute substitute for when you can't see each other in person.

2. Gift Cards to Her Favourite Stores

Stumped about what your girlfriend likes? It can be hard to shop for a significant other, especially if you've only just started dating.

A sure way to please her on Valentine's Day is to get her gift cards to stores you've seen her browse and go in. Even if she has disposable income, it's always nice for your girlfriend to receive a gift card to treat herself to something that may be on the pricier side.

3. A Gold-Dipped Rose

It's definitely cliche to buy your girlfriend or wife roses on Valentine's Day. So take that cliche and elevate it.

Instead, give her an elegant gold-dipped rose. This rose won't die out, meaning it'll last an entire lifetime. She'll get a long-lasting gift that she can look at fondly whenever she misses you. 

4. Handmade Gifts

There's nothing more special than something created from your loved one. If you really want to make this Valentine's Day one to never forget, play to your strengths.

If you make music, paint, or write, create a piece of art just for her. Something so personal like art is bound to make your significant other swoon, even if they're not a romantic at heart.

5. Purchase Tickets for a Local Museum

A day at the museum can be the perfect way to celebrate Valentine's Day together. Many women find intellectualism sexy, so what better way to show off your intelligence than through a museum date?

You can walk through the halls together, hand-in-hand, discussing the pieces you find interesting. Once you get some stimulating conversation going, you'll both fall in love with each other all over again.

6. Shadow Box of Memories

Do you like to collect little trinkets that remind you of your time together? Movie theatre ticket stubs, plane tickets, champagne bottle corks, and photo booth pictures: these are all perfect things to put together in a shadow box.

The best thing about this idea is it's very cheap to do. Simply pick up a shadow box from the crafts store for a few bucks, then fill it artistically with the things you've collected.

Not only is this idea nice to display around her house, but it's also a great reminder of all the fun times you've had together. It's definitely something to look back on whenever you're feeling nostalgic.

7. DIY Coupons

Is your girlfriend or wife always stressed out? Does she feel underappreciated for all the things she does?

Write out a coupon book of things you feel she'd appreciate you doing for her. Maybe she'd like a bath drawn for her, or for you to do the grocery shopping for once.

When you hand it over to her on Valentine's Day, it's guaranteed to make her smile. Consideration is a big part of romance! Plus, it may prompt her to be more thoughtful of you as well, which is a win-win situation.

8. New Video Games

If your significant other isn't into sappy, romantic gifts, then you should consider purchasing video games for her, especially if she's a self-professed nerd! While flowers are beautiful, they wilt in a short amount of time. Plus, they can exacerbate allergies.

Replace your bouquet of flowers with a bunch of video games instead. A romantic way to do this is to wake up before her, purchase, and install the games on her computer.

When she wakes up, hint for her to access her games library. She'll have a nice surprise waiting for her!

9. A Nice Meal

For foodies, this is the ultimate gift. Maybe there's a restaurant your wife has always wanted to try. But you've been too busy at work, or the kids have too many extracurricular activities going on.

Book a babysitter for Valentine's Day and get a reservation to that swanky restaurant your wife has had her eye on. Make the night about the two of you, with no other distractions in life. It'll be a night where you can reconnect and get the romantic spark back in your marriage.

10. A Spa Day

This gift is for women who love to be treated like princesses.

Working full-time can take its toll on anyone. Add a family to the mix, and it can be incredibly stressful.

Give your significant other the time to relax and unwind by booking her a whole day at the spa. Take over her duties for the day and let her have some alone time to recharge.

Not only is this good for your loved one's mental health, but it's good for the entire family too. Once she's had some time to herself, she'll be ready to tackle every day more than ever.

Get the Perfect Valentine's Gifts for Her

As you can see, there are many great Valentine's gifts for her you can buy this year. Make this year a memorable one by choosing a few off this list.

But the most important thing is to make sure she feels loved and appreciated. Show her how much you love her by planning a nice day together, complete with amazing Valentine's day gifts.

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