It can be hard to find the gift your girlfriend wants. Let us help you find the most romantic gift she will love. Read on for some great ideas.

Your girlfriend means the world to you. You want to let her know how you feel by giving her romantic gifts. But what should you choose?

Sometimes it can be hard to figure out what she wants. Maybe she doesn't even know exactly what she wants.

What she probably doesn't want is for you to ask her: What would you like? 

Romantic gifts should have an element of surprise. You're giving the gift.

Take some time to think about it.

Studies show while people like to receive gifts which reflect their own interests, gifts which also say something about the giver promote greater closeness. 

Maybe it's a big occasion like her birthday or your anniversary. Maybe it's a surprise "just because". Giving her something that shows you've been thinking about her will make her feel loved.

These three ideas for giving romantic gifts will help you find the one that's just right for her.

1. Make her dream come true

This is where you get to be a detective.

We all have dreams and hopes. Do a little digging and find out what your girlfriend's greatest ambitions and desires are. Finding a gift that fulfils her, even a little bit, can have a huge emotional impact and create life-long memories.

What has she told you about her dreams? If she's shy about saying, ask her friends and family. 

Whether she hoped to be a princess with a treasure chest full of jewellery, a Jedi knight fighting lightsaber battles or an award-winning novelist, you can find something that reflects back to that dream. She will love you for it because you're showing you believe in her.

It doesn't have to be big

I know, it sounds like a big deal to make her dream come true. Maybe her dream is big and expensive, like a trip to Paris. For most of us, something like that would take years of saving and planning.

If you can't do Paris right now, try bringing Paris to her. Plan a special meal, or take her to a French café, or a French film. Wear berets. Be creative.

Other affordable dream-come-true romantic gifts could include:

  • Beautiful writer's notebook
  • Music lessons
  • Vintage designer clothing
  • Model of her dream car or house
  • A song or poem you have written for her

2. Create a shared experience

You two are together for a reason.

Think about the interests you share and use them to create a gift experience she will always remember.

It could be a romantic getaway, a class you do together, or something as simple as sharing a good book.

Picking something only she likes can be a problem.

She adores musicals, so you get her seats at that popular new show. She wants you to join her, but you find the theatre dull. Sitting next to you as you're restless and feeling bored won't be much fun for her either. 

It has to be something you both enjoy. 

Ask yourself: is there an artist we'd both love to see? A place we love to travel to? Something new we've talked about trying? If so, do it!

Keep it simple

Creating a shared experience doesn't have to be elaborate. The key part is that you're spending time together.

Do you both love to read? Try finding a romantic or spicy book to read aloud together. Reading erotic novels is shown to empower women in the bedroom. and help them communicate their desires. And if not, it might at least be good for a laugh!

Other affordable shared experience romantic gifts could be:

  • Romantic picnic supper
  • Day trip to a little-known beach or hiking spot
  • Cooking classes
  • His and her massages

3. Roses are the most romantic gifts

Roses? Isn't that a bit cliché?

Clichés are cliché for a reason. It's because they've been used to express something true so many times that everyone knows the message.

The message of roses is romance.

Have you tried giving her surprise flowers before? Did she love them? 

Recent studies have shown that flowers are proven to make women more receptive to romance. It's not clear whether this is linked to a natural relaxation response or a learned association, but either way, it shows that flowers are a powerful gift.

Roses are one of the oldest symbols of love and affection. Sometimes we think of them as an easy fix. Grab a bunch of white roses to say "sorry", or red roses to say "I love you", and all will be good, right?

Roses are best when given with thought and care. Research the meanings and symbolism of flowers when choosing roses to find the ones that fit her best.

What about a rose that will last forever?

Maybe the idea of spending a lot of money on a bunch of flowers which won't last isn't for you. You're not alone.

That doesn't mean you can't give her roses.

An Eternity Rose is a real, precious metal-dipped rose. You still keep the romantic message of the rose, but you also show her your feelings about her aren't going to just wither and die. Choose her favourite colour and write her a note to explain why you chose it.

Other affordable rose gifts include:

  • A special vase for a rose cut from your garden
  • A living rose bush she can plant in her garden
  • Rose themed jewellery
  • A romantic walk through a public rose garden

Be sincere

It's easy to give you a list of gifts someone's girlfriend might like.

It's a lot harder to make a list of romantic gifts your girlfriend will like.

The most important thing is to make sure your gift speaks of your real feelings.

We'd love to hear about the most romantic gifts you've given to or received from your girlfriend -please add a comment if you've got a great story to share!

I would love to hear your comments or answer any questions you might have about this post.

Yours sincerely,   

Dr. Carissa Coulston, Clinical Psychologist

BSc(Hons), MPsychol(Clinical), PhD, MAPS