Whether she's a friend, sister, or another woman you love, she's engaged, and this list of engagement gifts will steer you toward exactly what she wants.

Are you looking for the perfect engagement gifts for your sister, best friend, or another bride you love? If so, this guide will be the perfect resource.

The best gifts are the ones that are really about her. Generic frou-frou engagement gifts for a girl who’s a sporty tomboy is a definite no-no.

At the same time, tickets to a local football game wouldn’t be right for your best friend who hates sports.

So, take some time and think about what the bride truly wants, needs, and would enjoy.

A Deluxe Wedding Planner

If you’re giving the engagement gifts shortly after the announcement, consider a deluxe wedding planner. It’s useful and thoughtful at the same time!

Weddings take a lot of work, and it’s easy to overlook details. In fact, many brides don’t know where to start at all!

A great wedding planner can help your friend know exactly what she needs to consider and give her a timeline to follow.

Given that the average wedding cost exceeds $20,000 – without the honeymoon – good planning is essential.

A Beach Tote Bag

While many wedding and engagement gifts focus on household goods, you can stand out by gifting your friend with something useful for the honeymoon.

Whether the happy couple is going to the beach, on a cruise, or visiting a major city, a cute tote is always welcome. It’s a gift that keeps giving as well, because the bride can continue to use it well after the festivities have passed.

A high-quality canvas or woven tote bag is a versatile and fun engagement gift.

A Decorative Ring Holder

Now that your friend has some new bling, she needs a perfect place to store it! A decorative ring holder is perfect for keeping her engagement – and later, her wedding – rings safe and sound.

You can choose any kind of ring holder, whether your bestie enjoys rhinestones or a more modern look. You can even add custom decoration with her initials, name, or another special message.

Every time she tucks her rings away for the evening, she’ll remember your kindness and the value you place on your friendship.

Excellent Champagne

Now that your friend has finally found her ideal partner and gotten engaged, she’ll want to celebrate! One way to acknowledge the mood and help her rejoice is to treat her to a bottle of bubbly she wouldn’t normally get for herself.

Good quality champagne can be pricey, and your friend is likely saving all available cash for the wedding. Gifting her with a splurge of a party drink can be a great way to celebrate her joy and show her how much your friendship means to you.

Don’t worry if you don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend – you can get great champagne at every price point.

Custom Cupcakes

Almost every girl loves sweets, especially chocolate. What better way to celebrate her engagement than with a custom cupcake arrangement?

You can choose to make cupcakes and decorate them with sprinkles and party symbols, or you can order an arrangement from a local or online bakery. Even food allergies don’t have to be a deal breaker – you can make or buy gluten-free, vegan, or other specialty cupcakes as well.

No matter where you get them, custom cupcakes are a welcome way to celebrate such a sweet occasion. They even freeze well, in case your bride friend doesn’t want them all at once!

A Massage

Planning a wedding can be very stressful, and almost every bride could use a spa day during the planning. A gift certificate to a local spa or massage therapist would be a very welcome gift.

You can choose a spa you’re both familiar with, or you can look for online reviews to find the best practitioner. You can also ask her other friends for suggestions if you aren’t familiar with spas and massage therapists in your bestie’s area.

If your friend is a bit too modest for a massage, a manicure or pedicure gift certificate is another great way to help her relax and feel pampered.

Tickets to a Sporting or Comedy Event

Every bride needs time during the wedding planning process to unplug and think about something else for a while. If your friend enjoys sports or comedy, tickets to a sporting event or comedy club could help her release her stress in a positive, fun way.

For sports, check out Sydney’s range of sporting events here. Otherwise for comedy and other events, check out Ticketek’s comedy site here.

No matter what time of year it is, sports or comedy can give your friend an opportunity to shout, cheer, laugh and have a great time. If you live near your friend, you can even get a pair of tickets so the two of you can attend together!

An Experience She Will Love

Everyone has their own unique interests and passions. Some girls love comic books, some love board games, some love Star Trek, some love museums, others love cooking.

No matter what your bestie truly enjoys, you can give her that experience. It will make her feel truly cared for that you found a way to give her an experience related to her favourite hobby.

Whether you provide tickets to an amusement park, museum, aquarium, convention, or cooking show, your bestie will feel truly honoured and have a blast when you give her a personalised experience.

Choosing the Best Engagement Gifts for Her

This guide is, of course, just the beginning of what you could do regarding engagement gifts. At The Eternity Rose, we have a variety of gifts for her that you can choose from as well.

Remember that the best gifts focus on the recipient’s unique passions, loves, and taste. It may not be your taste, but it doesn’t have to be.

When you give great engagement gifts, you’re honouring the bride.

If you choose, you can arrange an experience for two so that the two of you can enjoy the time together. However, if she lives a distance away or your schedules and interests don’t match, that may not be practical.

Regardless, you can choose an engagement gifts that truly represents who your friend is and what the friendship really means to you.

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