Are you currently stuck for ideas on finding the perfect Christmas gift for your special lady? Here are some amazing gift ideas for the festive season that will melt her heart.

Wanting to make your lady feel extra special this Christmas?

Then keep reading, as here are some amazing gift ideas to help you.

1. YOU and Nobody Else!

Need we say more?

Obviously, this is the best gift EVER.

First, book a weekend for the two of you somewhere special, on a future date when the busy festive season has passed.

It doesn’t have to be expensive, as long as it is a place where the two of you can spend some quality time alone without interruptions from your mother-in-law or other regular visitors.

This could be a hotel, or perhaps a friend may loan you their house (and you could house-swap for the weekend).

On Christmas Day, choose one of the following options around your future planned weekend, depending on her personality:

a. Simply say nothing if you want to keep it a complete surprise and spoil her with a romantic card with a small token of beautiful flowers, chocolates or perfume.

OR (if a small token is unlikely to make her feel special enough),

b. Give her a romantic card and tell her that there is an extra special gift on its way for her.

Next, pick a few friends you can trust to keep your secret and employ their help. Ask the chosen friends to go along with a pretend "girls weekend" to guarantee that she ends up with no other plans for the occasion you have arranged.

When she arrives at the doorstep (or hotel door) expecting to see her girlfriends, you can open the door in a Santa Claus suit (which could be hilarious), or other attire you are comfortable in.

Then she will know the Christmas surprise.

You can read here for some ideas on how to make your ‘alone’ weekend together extra special.

2. Meaningful Jewellery

While jewellery always makes for a lovely Christmas present, here are some of our favourite ideas for extra special gifts.

Heartbeat necklace

These necklaces have jagged lines to represent the heartbeat on a medical heartbeat monitor. 

The meaning? “You make my heart beat faster.”

You can find custom-made options in a variety of prices. If you would like to go the more expensive route, some jewellers even make heartbeat necklaces in sterling silver or gold with small diamonds.

Hourglass necklace

The symbolism of an hourglass necklace represents your desire for spending time together, now, and well ahead into the future.

Signature bracelet with your own handwriting or fingerprint

This type of jewellery takes personalisation to the next level.

Having an engraver style a message from you in their own standard manner may be beautiful, but nothing may warm her heart more than a message that has been imprinted from your own actual handwriting.

Have a chat with your local jewellery or engraver, and see if they can transpose your message for you. Or, perhaps have your signature transposed next to your fingerprint.

Map necklace

Are you and your love often separated by vast land or oceans due to frequent travelling? A map necklace could be the best Christmas gift for her, symbolising that you are always together, whatever the geographical distance is between you.

Some jewellers even allow you to customise your map necklace to show the location you most often travel to.

But even if you don’t travel much, a map necklace is beautifully symbolic of the closeness of your relationship. It signifies the concept that your love transcends any amount of physical space that separates you.

3. Keep A Journal Together

We love this one!

Buy your lady a journal - and a matching one for yourself. Then every now and then, write to each other. 

On special occasions, share your journals. This is not only an ongoing project to do together and something to look forward to, but they will also be great keepsakes for the rest of your lives!

The journals are a special way to reflect on how you have enjoyed good times together, as well as how you got through the hard times.

While you can of course just keep track of the highlights and lowlights of your days, you can great creative with this, too.

Here are some fun ideas:

Special texts

Write down some of the sweetest texts you've received from each other.

This is also a good way to save all of those special texts so they aren't lost into cyberspace the next time you upgrade your phone.

Together let's...

Keep an ongoing bucket list to share with your loved one when opportunities arise to do something together.

Lesson time

Once a day or once a week, write down something about yourself that your partner may not know. You'll continue to learn about each other!

4. Roses

The rose has long been a symbol of joy, celebration and eternity, dating back to Ancient Greece, where the goddess of love, Aphrodite, was often surrounded by roses.

Today, roses have become a gift to represent true love.

Roses come in many colours though, and so picking the perfect one can be hard. If you would like to learn more about roses and their meanings, check out this chart

The Eternity Rose

Want to show her that you will never let the special love you share die?

An Eternity Rose might be your perfect choice of gifts for your special lady this Christmas.

An Eternity Rose, which is a real rose dipped in 24 karat gold, silver or platinum, symbolises your dedication to making something beautiful - like your love - last forever.

It is a unique work of art, which can show your lady how much you appreciate the things that make her uniquely herself.

Wishing You a Merry Christmas!