You don't want to give her just any ol' gift - you want yours to stand apart. These unique Valentine's Day gift ideas are as special as your love.

Gift-giving is hard. The more important the occasion, the more difficult the task of choosing the perfect gift. Rather than it being an occasion of joy and anticipation, gift-giving can be an occasion of anxiety and depression. 

For men, Valentine's Day can feel a lot like a relationship test for which they are never quite prepared. If you don't give just the right gift, it could be interpreted in disastrous ways.

Maybe you don't pay her enough attention. It could mean that you don't really listen when she tells you about her day.

And God forbid if you give her a gift illustrating the fact that you don't know her favourite colour.

Fortunately, even if some of those things happen to be true, there are a few things you can do to salvage the moment and come out a hero.

If you really don't know her favourite colour, trust me, you are going to need all the help you can get.

These relationship tests get much easier with time. In the early stages of a relationship, there are some gift-giving tips that can take the pressure off you, and put the focus on the love you are trying to express.

Here are just a few:

Unique Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Everybody does breakfast in bed. Sorry, that will only get you so far, especially if you overcook the eggs.

Flowers and chocolates are also out of the question. They are not unique valentine's day gift ideas.

Tradition is one thing, but a lack of imagination is quite another.

There is a way to reuse some of these ideas. What you have to do is surprise your loved one this Valentine's Day with a unique spin on the familiar. 

Don't just give her a red rose that will be dead in a few days. Giver her a red natural Eternity Rose glazed and trimmed with 24K gold, that will last forever.

That is the kind of unique valentine's day gift ideas that will last for many Valentine's Days to come. 

When you give something unique, you are not bound by her personal tastes. You are giving her something that is one of a kind.

It is something she has never seen or thought of before, and will likely never forget.

With such a gift, there is no wrong colour.

Make it Fun

Giving a gift should be as fun as receiving a gift. Both parties should end up with smiling faces and a lightness of heart. When the gift is fun, it is also memorable. 

Don't confuse fun with pranks. This is not a birthday present.

This is an ultimate expression of love. When your partner looks at that gift months later, they should be reminded of the fun times.

Legend has it that Valentine's Day was intended to reappropriate the pagan holiday of Lupercalia.

And while a mass re-enactment would likely run afoul of the law where you live, a small and creative celebration of the original season of love, even if disastrous, would likely be the most fun you've had in years, and one of the most unique valentine's day gift ideas she has ever seen.

You can also have a more traditional kind of fun. Why not take her to an amusement park? That is the kind of Valentine's gift for your girlfriend that she will not soon forget, especially if you can actually win the big bear. Even if you don't, she will love the fact that you broke the bank trying.

If you can find a water and amusement park within a couple of hours drive, you will be the hero of Valentine's Day.

Make it About You

I know how counterintuitive this sounds. But if you make it about her, you set a difficult task for yourself full of tests you can't pass, and traps you can't avoid. If you make it about yourself, you will remind her of why she fell in love with you in the first place.

Give her things that will remind her of your love for her. Here is an example. Perhaps you are into golf. And perhaps you are really bad at it. Give her a golf trophy emblazoned with one of your worst ever scores. Include a note that says something like, "There is nothing sub-par about my love for you." She'll be in tears for a month.

Musicians have it easy when it comes to giving romantic gifts to their women. You can write her a song, not about her, but about what you are with her versus what you were without her.

Collectors, give her your most prized collectible with a note assuring her that no collection is complete without her.

I can do this all day. And so can you.

So make sure you give her a piece of your mind, heart, and soul. That is the most romantic gift for a woman you can give. Valentine's Day is not about her love. It is about your love.

So give the unique gift of you. That is all any woman really wants for Valentine's Day.

Make it Last

Sometimes men use Valentine's Day as a way of expressing themselves once a year, only to get back to their uncommunicative selves as quickly as possible. Women have learned to take what they can get. But you have to know that one quick trip to the gift shop does not make up for an entire year of emotional neglect.

If you want to really wow her this year with a unique valentine's day gift idea, transform Valentine's Day into Valentine's season. Valentine's Day 2017 is on a Tuesday. That's a work day, school day, and maybe even laundry day depending on the household. You don't exactly have much time to do something special in the middle of the week.

But what if you made it a week-long event? By itself, that makes it a more unique gift for your girlfriend. You could start it on Sunday, and do something small everyday of the week, capping it off with something bigger on the weekend.

While this sort of celebration takes a bit of planning, it is not that difficult to pull off. And the execution of such a plan will leave you both changed. This is no ordinary Valentine's gift for your girlfriend.

She will never forget having so much of your attention lavished on her in that fashion. And you will never go back to being emotionally distant. 

This is Valentine's Day. You can't phone this one in. It can be a lot of pressure. But you can eliminate most of that pressure by just infusing whatever it is that makes you special into the gift. Such unique valentine's day gift ideas will always be special. So make is unique, even if you are a little late with the execution.

Sometimes, uniqueness comes in the form of unusual items like gold-dipped roses. Sometimes, it is a once in a lifetime fun adventure.

But it is always an expression of the giver, preferably, one that lasts.