Finding a suitable Valentine’s Day gift for a woman who has everything can be an intimidating experience. Find inspiration here and wow her with these creative, thoughtful, and unique gift ideas this Valentine’s Day. 

During the Valentine’s season, the average Australian sets aside $437 a year for buying gifts for their spouses and partners. 

Australians are in fact avid about expressing their affection through gifts all around the calendar, but Valentine’s Day seems to supersede the importance of many occasions!

Gift-giving down here may therefore be a love language that you can't afford not to speak. After all, what girl doesn't mind when her boyfriend (or girlfriend) gives her a little something?

It isn't about the money so much. It's moreso about the sentiment that the gift imparts to her, as she is reminded about the person who loves her.

Here, we're going to break down some of the best gifts for women who have everything, and for women to whom money doesn’t necessarily speak volumes.

Read on to learn how to choose something she's sure to love!

Something DIY

While your partner may seem to have everything, they don't have something one-of-a-kind made by you.

Often, gifts aren't about the material item themselves, but are rather about the thought that went into their selection.

You can create a variety of things by yourself that your woman is sure to love. This includes charm bracelets, handmade soap, 'open when' letters, or cross-stitch needlework.

The important thing when making DIY gifts is that you're creative and you personalise it to be something that she, specifically, will love.

This means capturing special moments in your relationship, considering her interests and lifestyle, and using colours that you know she loves. Get creative!

Bath Products

Bath products are especially useful gifts for women because she can never have too many of them.

…. But if you are feeling particularly adventurous and have some extra time on your hands, did you know you can make your own soap for her? And, have you heard of chocolate soap?

If making soap from scratch is not something you can even begin to contemplate, you can take an easier route by infusing pre-existing soaps with her favourite smells so that she feels special with her one-of-a-kind product.

We bet she has never been given soap in her life made by the actual person giving her the gift!

However you choose to approach this idea, bath products are constantly used up, so you can also make or buy her bath bombs or salts whenever her supply begins to diminish.

You know her favourite scents and colours, which means that you're in the ideal position for picking these out or crafting them.

A Gold-Dipped Rose

DIY gifts are great, but they're even better when gifted alongside something professionally designed.

Many men buy their lady flowers for special occasions, but you may not have heard of the creative spin that has been placed on floral delights: A rose coated in gold.

A Gold-Dipped Eternity Rose is the perfect gift to get your woman because it’s beautiful and unique, just like she is. It is also preserved to last a lifetime and beyond, so unlike other flowers you get her, it won't need to be thrown out after a few weeks.

Eternity Roses also come plated in silver and platinum, or are glazed in many colours.

These roses will shine as bright as your girlfriend's smile.

Gorgeous Jewellery

Jewellery is something commonly bought alongside flowers as a gift, but did you know that Eternity Roses can be bought with matching earrings and/or pendant?

The Gold-Dipped or Glazed (coloured) Eternity Rose can be purchased with a jewellery set in a range of shades.

This means that your loved one can think about your rose at home when she sees her jewellery in the mirror at work.

It also gives her an opening to brag about you as her partner, so you'll be looking pretty awesome if you choose this route.

A Good Book

A good book never goes astray, and she will think of you each time she reaches for it on the shelf or bedside table.

The message of giving a book also tells her that you want her to be able to relax and find time for herself every once in a while.

If your lady is a fan of historical intrigue and romance, consider getting her something by Lisa Kleypas.

These sexy books have feminist undertones as well as great romantic plots, so they're sure to put her in the mood for a little romance with her own man, too.


No matter what Valentine’s Day gift you choose for the woman in your life, candles will go well with it.

Your loved one can relax in the bath and use the soft light of the candle to read your book by.

Or she can enjoy romantic dinners with you and place the candle at the centre of the table.

Or she can have a beautiful ornamental candle from you on display at home, or even on her desk at work.

If you want to take the extra step, you can have a special message or poem inscribed on some fancy paper that wraps loosely around the candle.

She can remove the wrapping each time she lights it, and then when the candle has been used up, the wrapping will remain as a keepsake of your love and consideration for her.

Get an Unforgettable Valentine’s Day Gift for the Woman Who Has Everything

Money can't really buy love. But thoughtfulness and time can certainly help.

Now that you know some of the most unique and thoughtful gifts for women who have everything, it's time to start on your journey to creating or shopping for something she'll love.

Good luck!