21st anniversary gift themes and ideas

Be inspired by these suggestions of themes for your loved ones' 21st wedding anniversary, as you can combine these themes, colours and items to make a thoughtful gift.

Brass heartModern 21st Anniversary Theme for Gifts: Brass or Nickel

Representing a durable relationship, brass also has a symbolism of goodness.

Nickel has a symbolism of wellbeing of emotions and encourages the couple to banish negativity and boost their creativity.

Gemstone: Iolite

Colour: Orange

Floral Theme: NA

Modern Anniversary Gift Suggestions

• Brass home items (vase, goblets/mugs, plates, dishes, bowls, clock, candle holder, bookends)

• Brass musical instruments

• Brass ornaments and accessories (figurine, sculpture, photo frame, jewellery box, watch)

• Iolite jewellery

• Nickel home items and accessories (candle holder, door knocker, jewellery box, card case, cufflinks, letter opener, money clip, lamp)  

• Nickel coin collection

• Nickel or brass jewellery (necklace, earrings, ring, bracelet)

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