Graduating from high school, college and university is a big deal! Graduates have worked hard to reach this point in their lives.

Graduation gift Giving a gift for years of dedication and hard work is a great way to let the graduate know how proud you are of all they have achieved. You could go out and purchase a typical graduation-type gift, but these don't really convey to the recipient how you truly feel, and many standard gifts out there can be quite boring and lacking in creativity.

A bunch of flowers may say you love them, and are happy for them, but these flowers will soon wilt and die. Jewellery can be tough to buy, unless you know exactly what your graduate likes, and besides, the graduate probably has a lot of jewellery that gets stored away in a drawer or box somewhere. So why buy a gift that will just end up forgotten, or rarely used?

Graduation card and gift

Buy your graduate a gorgeous Eternity Rose. These perfectly preserved real roses are either dipped in silver, platinum or gold, or are sold in a wide variety of colours that are glazed and trimmed with fine 24 karat gold. All graduates will love receiving an Eternity Rose engraved with their name and date of graduation.

No matter what the gift-giving occasion is, an Eternity Rose is the perfect choice for a gift, especially as a memorable and unique birthday gift for her.

So show that special someone in your life just how much you love them. Give them an Eternity Rose and they will never forget your love - it will last as long as the rose.