Our gold, silver, platinum and glazed roses are made from real roses grown by dedicated rose farmers. We contract specialist rose farmers who have many years of experience in growing the absolute best roses available in the world. No expense is spared in growing our fabulous roses to perfection. 

The flowers are vigilantly watched and as they begin to open, they are carefully selected at their ideal stage of bloom. The preservation process then immediately begins while they are fresh and at the absolute peak of their beauty.

The technique starts with a clear coating applied to the flower so that it holds its shape for the electroplating journey. This is quite a technical process which ensures the flowers are ‘frozen’ with perfect natural form. Thereafter, the flowers are moved through multiple steps in which they gain numerous layers via immersion electroplating that utilises our proprietary formulae and processes.

Initially they are electroplated with layers of pure copper. This provides a highly accurate and texture-sensitive layer, as well as the best base for precious-metal plating. After the rose is sealed and accurately layered in copper, we commence electroplating in nickel. This layer provides the structural integrity which is necessary for the final step of pure precious-metal plating. After each and every layer, the roses are inspected for form, plating quality, and any other imperfections that may occur. When they have passed our exacting quality control screening, they are moved on to the gold, silver or platinum electroplating baths. The precious-metal plating process comprises of the application of literally dozens of extremely thin layers, which are slowly built up over many weeks.

This results in a mirror finish that is highly lustrous, and brilliant in its surface appearance. The flower will not ever corrode and will last literally for thousands of years.

The whole process comprises 60 steps and takes around three months per rose.

For further information about gold, you can refer to our section on Different Types of Gold.

Are they real flowers?

There are companies around the world which manufacture gold-plated plastic flowers. It is not too hard to tell a plastic gold-plated rose from a plated real rose. A real rose that is electroplated using a proper quality controlled process still shows its stems bumps and leaf veins in complete detail. These details are unique on each rose just like every human fingerprint is unique. Each and every Eternity Rose, being a natural flower, is therefore exclusive.  Furthermore, we have perfected the process of seamlessly layering metal onto the rose and believe we produce the finest quality gold-dipped roses in the world, without exception. All of our glazed roses also use natural flowers. With this process, each rose is coated in several layers of a proprietary polymer lacquer blend. The roses are then partially electroplated so that only the edges of the flower and stem are trimmed in 24 karat gold. These items are also quite robust.

How would you describe the quality of the product?Quality Guarantee

Most people who are familiar with The Eternity Rose comment that they look even more impressive in real life relative to the promotional photos. The pictures on the website and brochures do not adequately do justice to the mirror-like finish of the fine gold, nor the thick lustrous look and reflective glint of natural contours.  Once you have an Eternity Rose in your hands, you will immediately be able to discern the fine workmanship and sheer quality of the piece. Just imagine a beautiful elegant rose covered with rich ultra-shiny gold, and you have an Eternity Rose. The silver-dipped and platinum-dipped roses also have a strong reflective sparkle.

Eternity Rose Quality AssurancePlatinum-dipped roses have a slightly darker lustre than silver. They make a wonderful gift for those who value one of the most precious metals on the planet. Many customers choose a mix of gold and either silver or platinum, to create a two-rose display. Our 60-step preservation process has been slowly perfected over many years. This is why we have been chosen to provide official gifts for dignitaries and royals around the world. We have seen several copies of 'The Eternity Rose' over the years and can vehemently state that none resemble the quality of our product. Those who have performed a direct comparison are typically surprised at the significant difference in perceived quality between our roses and others. We are so sure you will agree when you see your first Eternity Rose, that we offer a 90-day money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Are they going to break when handled?

The Eternity Roses are surprisingly robust relative to their delicate and refined appearance. As they have an underlying layer of nickel, they have quite a bit of structural strength. They will not break easily unless there is excessive force applied to them. There is no problem taking them out of their display box for general handling. They will even survive a two-metre drop onto carpet. If dropped onto a hard floor they are unlikely to break, however, may incur some surface scarring to the fine gold.