Reaching a milestone anniversary is always a time to celebrate. But for any couple, seven decades of marriage is a feat which truly deserves special recognition.  

When Ainsworth and Lorna Humphrey first met and fell in love in the 1940s, the world was a very different place. And over the passing decades, their love for each other continued to grow and flourish.

Now, after 70 years of wedded unity, the pair still share a love that is rarely observed today.

The couple remain exceptionally happy together, and despite being in their 90s, both look fabulous and enjoy independent living.

They also enjoy the love of their family who couldn’t wait to celebrate this wonderful occasion with them.

Marking The Special Occasion

Finding the perfect gift to mark any milestone occasion can be a challenge. But for Lorna and Ainsworth’s family, there was only one gift that would be a fitting memento.

The 70th year of marriage is an anniversary that few couples are able to celebrate. However for those who are lucky enough to reach this remarkable occasion, a platinum-themed gift is the traditional symbol of such a long marriage.

What token could be more perfect to commemorate this once-in-a-lifetime day than a Platinum-Dipped Eternity Rose – an enduring reminder of all the eventful years and joyful times that the couple have spent together?

70 Years Of Wedded Unity

While most people are aware of the symbols associated with many of the milestone years of marriage (eg, silver for 25 years of marriage and gold for 50 years), 70 years is something rarely seen.

Platinum is the classic material associated with this anniversary year thanks to its strong and precious nature. A metal which never tarnishes, it represents the enduring beauty and strength of such a long-lasting marriage – a truly appropriate symbol that captures the essence of seven decades spent navigating the stormy seas amongst the more tranquil periods of married life.

The Platinum-Dipped Eternity Rose is the perfect gift to present any couple celebrating such a rare and momentous occasion.

Preserved during a 3-month-long process, this beautiful natural rose, chosen for its exceptional beauty and picked at its prime, is transformed into a stunning work of art that is presented in its own luxurious display case. It is now being showcased in the happy pair’s home as a beautiful memento of their remarkable achievement.

Here at The Eternity Rose, we are delighted to have been able to bring even more joy to Lorna and Ainsworth’s most special of anniversaries, and sincerely wish the couple more happy occasions to come.