Do you sometimes wonder if your partner truly loves you and sees a future with you?

Various reasons may be keeping them in the relationship, other than love. For example, they are not financially independent, they are afraid to be alone, they want to protect their chances of having children etc.

So are you being kept in a holding pattern while your partner is possibly waiting for something else?

You need to use your instincts combined with the knowledge of the key signs below which strongly suggest that this really is true love.

Your happiness matters to them

Happiness is essential in any relationship, and someone who loves you will make sacrifices to ensure you are happy. They will prioritise your joy because they see a future with you. If their efforts on pleasing you are consistent, this will be an indication of their sincere intentions. These intentions may be further cemented by their interest in topics and hobbies that are important to you, but which are not of any significance to them.

They believe in your self-growth

A person who loves you would like to see you continually strive to advance yourself, as they similarly expects of themselves. They encourage and assist you in every way they can to help you reach your greatest potential.

They are open and trusting in you

Over time, the right person will be confident to trust in you with knowledge of personal issues that are important to them. If you sense they are constantly guarded or secretive, or not keen to share intimate details, then they may not be thinking about you as a future partner. When you have their trust, they share many joys, sorrows and secrets, as well as many needs, wants and desires. They think of you as a worthwhile companion who they want to let into their life.

They celebrate relationship steps

Relationship milestones are celebrated when two people have a healthy and meaningful connection. If they love you, they are likely to recognise your one month, six month or annual anniversary, and they will celebrate other events like Valentine’s Day and your birthday. You may receive a thoughtful gesture or romantic gift on many such occasions.

They consult you on important decisions

Individuals often focus on significant aspects of life such as career, hobbies or finances. If any of these aspects require a substantial change or some conclusion to be drawn, they will consult with you because your opinions and thoughts matter. They will probably discuss with you before accepting a new job, and will reject any offers that might strain or jeopardise the relationship (eg, relocation, extended hours). In essence, you will notice that they are easily influenced by what you think and feel.

They include you in their family occasions

Your partner will arrange for you to meet the people they love and care about. They will involve you in family functions and other significant events. You will promptly be introduced to the parents, siblings and friends. They are proud of your relationship and want you being around as much as possible in the company of others.

They express their love unrestrictedly

It may take some time for a person to fully engage in the relationship, but when they feel secure enough to know that you are truly committed to them, they will be readily affectionate and romantic if this is a tendency of their personality. They may demonstrate these behavioural signs in front of others, and you will undoubtedly know that they have chosen you as their partner  in life.

They agree to move in with you and seek out exclusive time for you both

A person who loves you is not content when having to spend large amounts of time apart from you. They will be looking for ways for the two of you to occupy time together and build your relationship. They will agree to live with you upon the initial discussion of moving in together, and will not make up excuses to delay the progression of the relationship. You will more often than not be invited to participate in many social and other activities with them, and their friends will soon become your friends.

They plan their holidays around you

Your partner's holidays and plans to travel will no longer be theirs alone. If your annual working schedule clashes with theirs in regards to holidays and time off, they will be swayed to modify their plans so that the two of you can travel together.

They may discuss wedding specifics

If the person in your life happens to value the institution of marriage, they may be keen to talk about their ideal wedding with you if they consider you a long-term partner. They may discuss the type of wedding they would like, preferred colours, the location etc., even if the two of you are not engaged.

They express a desire to have children

The person who loves you may talk about the family they would like to have, such as the number of children. They will also be curious to know about your views on the matter, and explore how keen you are to have children.

In conclusion

If you discover after reading many of these key points that the person in your life does not seem to genuinely love you or want to be with you in the long haul, then you need to think carefully about how long you want to remain in this situation. If you have any doubts about your ability to find a truly meaningful and loving relationship that is based on mutual respect and admiration, you may want to read more about why your relationships are not working out, in case you are in the habit of attracting relationships that don't move forward.