Valentine's Day is fast approaching – the most romantic day in any couple's calendar, so don't leave it too late to find the perfect gift to express your love for your partner.

The Fascinating History of Valentine's Day

While giving chocolates and lacy underwear is a relatively modern custom, the origins of St Valentine's Day dates all the way back to at least the 5th century, and perhaps even further, to Roman times.

Although the festival is named after St. Valentine, there are three possible candidates for the patron saint himself. One of the legends state that a priest named Valentine was put to death for arranging the forbidden marriages of Roman soldiers, while another tells of a man named Valentine who helped Christians to escape from Roman prisons where they would have been victims of torture. Yet a third tale suggests that a condemned prisoner named Valentine wrote a final love letter to the girl he adored and signed it “from your Valentine,” giving rise to this popular expression.

There are however some suggestions that the romantic origins of February 14th date back even further, to an attempt to Christianise pagan celebrations. The Roman festival of Lupercalia would have taken place in the middle of February and was held as a fertility rite in which young men and women would have their names drawn from an urn to form pairs for the year. Many of these pairings would result in marriage for the couple, leading to the links between this celebration and the romance of modern Valentine's Day.

Fun Valentine's Day Facts

Although Valentine's Day is best known as a romantic time in America, some other countries take a different approach. In Estonia, gifts are given to all friends and family members so that those without a significant other aren't excluded from the celebration. There is also a “love bus” which single people can ride to find others who are searching for a special someone. In Finland too, the festival is known as Friends Day and is dedicated to sharing your gratitude for friendship. All kinds of love can be expressed on Valentine's Day, as around 3% of people buy a present for their pet to celebrate the holiday! Single people can celebrated “SAD” or Single Awareness Day on 14th February instead, designed to help those without a partner to celebrate their status and to make the most of the occasion. Bizarrely, studies have shown that 15% of women in the USA don't wait for their partner to send them a bouquet on Valentine's Day but simply arrange a delivery for themselves! It isn't only lovers who exchange gifts on Valentine's Day, in fact the majority of Valentine's cards this year will be received by teachers from their pupils!

Finding Unique Valentine's Gifts for a Special Lady

Valentine's Day is the perfect occasion for couples to reconnect and to remind their partner of how much they are loved. In the hustle and bustle of daily life, it can be all too easy to take your wife or girlfriend for granted, however, February 14th gives the ideal chance to show her how much she is appreciated all year round, and to convey to her all the passions and emotions that you hold in your heart but don't always express.

While chocolates are a popular gift (more than 35 million heart shaped boxes are sold every year!), offer her some gourmet treats instead of an ordinary box off the shelf. Making up a hamper of unusual and rare chocolate brands, or some strawberries dipped in chocolate will surprise and delight her on this special day, and give extra meaning to “give sweets to my sweet”. Pampering gifts are always appreciated, so why not splash out on a spa treatment or pampering session for your loved one? If you can't afford a luxury spa, why not turn your home into a massage parlour and use scented candles, aromatic oils and soothing music to create a romantic and relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom? A handmade gift is always especially touching, and if finances are tight could be the ideal solution. Write your own poem or handwritten love note and leave it where she is sure to find it, or frame it for her to display on her wall as a lasting reminder of your feelings. Or why not make a personalised collage of your relationship, using photographs, theater or vacation tickets, and quotations that are meaningful to you?

Of course we believe the most romantic gift of all is a glazed or gold-dipped Eternity Rose. In fact it is our mission to have every woman in the world receive an Eternity Rose at least once in her life. It is just such a wonderful way to show woman that she is truly loved.

Giving Flowers on Valentine's Day

After the heart, the rose is the most recognised and popular symbol of Valentine's Day. The perfect token of chivalry and romantic love, the single red rose has been immortalized in art, stories and history for centuries. In the 1800s, flowers were given to loved ones to express hidden messages and the rose was no exception, with the single red rose bud indicating passion and enduring devotion. Flowers are still some of the most popular Valentine's gifts today, with 189 million roses being sold in the US alone, and 73% of purchasers being men.

What better gift to give your loved one then, on the occasion of Valentine's Day, than a magnificent Eternity Rose? Each hand-picked blossom is individually selected for its unique beauty and is glazed or dipped in precious metals to produce a singular work of art that is as lavish as it is stunning. Your special lady cannot fail to be impressed and touched by such a wonderful and meaningful gift that will never fade or wilt like a real rose but will endure for a lifetime as a memorable and lasting token of esteem, adoration and appreciation. A rare talking piece when showcased in its own prestigious leather display case, it will call the giver fondly to mind whenever it is seen, and will only become more special and valuable over time, eventually becoming a family heirloom to be enjoyed by generations to come. To make this unique present even more personal, the stem can be engraved with a message of love of your choice so that the recipient will be left in no doubt of just how much she is loved today and always.

So why waste time going from store to store trying to find a Valentine's gift that reveals what is in your heart when the perfect gift can easily be ordered online? Amaze your loved one this Valentine's Day with the gorgeous Eternity Rose and give her something that will not only be treasured forever, but that will reflect her own unique natural beauty and loveliness.