20th anniversary gift themes and ideas

Surprise your special someone with 20th wedding anniversary gift themes from this list. Reveal how much you care by putting together colours and suggestions to create a heartfelt and unique gift.

Traditional 20th Anniversary Theme for Gifts: China

Fragile china signifies a marriage that has been handled carefully, but its elegance and beauty also reflects its natural charm.

Modern 20th Anniversary Theme for Gifts: Platinum

Platinum-Dipped Eternity RoseSymbolising strength, value and eternity, platinum is both expensive and long lasting. It captures perfectly the substance of a two-decade long marriage and offers hope for many more happily married years in the future.

Gemstone: Emerald

Alternate Stone: Platinum

Colour: Emerald-Green or White

Floral Theme: Day Lily, Aster, **Green, Platinum or White Rose

Meaning “no worries” in its native China, the day lily indicates a long union that has overcome all its challenges and is now a carefree union looking forward to a happy future. A gift of day lilies reminds the pair to relax and enjoy their life with each other.

The aster, meanwhile, symbolises surprise and represents love, contentment and patience.

**The green, white or platinum rose is a romantic alternative for this anniversary, in keeping with the colour and modern themes, and the symbol of eternal love that a rose represents.

Traditional Anniversary Gift Suggestions

• China home items (vase, mugs, jug, plates, bowls, flower pot, candle holder)

• China ornament (figurine or sculpture)

Modern Anniversary Gift Suggestions

• Emerald jewellery

• Flower-based gifts related to this anniversary (day lily or aster), for example: plant, perfume, scented candles, bouquet of flowers, art print

Light-Green Glazed Eternity Rose or Dark-Green Glazed Eternity Rose (signifying the green colour theme for this anniversary)

Pearl-White Glazed Eternity Rose (signifying the white colour theme for this anniversary)

• Platinum jewellery (necklace, earrings, ring, bracelet)

Platinum-Dipped Eternity Rose (signifying the modern platinum theme)


Here is a video of our stunning Platinum-Dipped Eternity Rose:

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