28th anniversary gift themes and ideas

When the 28th anniversary comes around, help your loved one(s) to celebrate by using our list of established gift theme ideas to show them how much you care. Use your instincts and create a unique present that they are certain to treasure.

Modern 28th Anniversary Theme for Gifts: Orchids

28th Anniversary OrchidsIn ancient Greek times, the orchid was linked with virility, while in China it holds a meaning of many children. Orchids are also known for their elegance and represent perfection, nobility and friendship.

Gemstone*: Amethyst or Orchid Tourmaline

*There is no gemstone for the 28th wedding anniversary listed by the American Gem Trade Association. These stones are listed as alternate options according to other sources.

Colour: Lavender

Floral Theme: Orchid

Modern Anniversary Gift Suggestions

• Book on orchids

• Bouquet of orchids

• Other orchid-related gifts (art print, paperweight, stationery, scented candles)

• Orchid-shaped jewellery (pendant, earrings, ring-setting)

• Orchid tourmaline or amethyst jewellery (alternate stone options for this anniversary)

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