18th anniversary gift themes and ideas

The traditional and modern themes linked with the 18th wedding anniversary are found below. Use this handy list to mix ideas and create a unique and heartfelt token of esteem on this special occasion.

Romantic porcelain presentModern 18th Anniversary Theme for Gifts: Porcelain

Elegant, fine and exquisite, porcelain symbolises the unique nature of an 18 year-long marriage. Having cared for each other to prevent damage in their union, porcelain gifts remind the pair to continue to handle each other with care.

Gemstone: Cat’s Eye

Alternate Stone: Opal or Aquamarine

Colour: Blue

Floral Theme: NA

Modern Anniversary Gift Suggestions

• Cat’s eye jewellery (necklace, bracelet, ring, pendant)

• Opal or aquamarine jewellery (alternate stones for this anniversary)

• Porcelain home items (vase, mugs, serving platter, candle holder, jug)

• Porcelain ornament (sculpture or figurine)

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