8th anniversary gift themes and ideas

Find ideas for an 8th wedding anniversary in our helpful list which enables you to create an exciting present for your loved one(s) by mixing up the range of items, themes and colours.

Romantic bronze sculptureTraditional 8th Anniversary Theme for Gifts: United States: Bronze or Pottery; United Kingdom: Salt

Once thought to have powers of healing, bronze is said to bring good health to the couple and to help them overcome difficulties.

Pottery is shaped and moulded into a thing of beauty, and reflects the way a marriage forms and changes over time to become something ever more amazing.

Salt is vital for life, being a preservative, a seasoning, and even a disinfectant. It was also a luxury item which was hard to come by. In these ways, it shows how a marriage, on the occasion of its 8th anniversary, has become a vital part of the couple's lives.

Modern 8th Anniversary Theme for Gifts: Linen or Lace

With a meaning of truth and purity, linen was thought to form the garments of the angels.

Lace gives a hint of luxury and an elegant appeal.

Gemstone: Tourmaline

Alternate Stone: Aventurine, Bronze or Tanzanite

Colour: Bronze

Floral Theme: Clematis or Lilac

A gorgeous climbing plant, the clematis indicates intelligence and signifies the connection of two peoples' minds in the union of marriage.

Giving a purple lilac is a representation of a first love, while a white lilac has a meaning of the innocence of youth.

Traditional Anniversary Gift Suggestions

• Bronze home items (door knocker, bookends, vase, flower pot, bowls, plates, candle holder)

• Bronze accessories or ornaments (figurine, sculpture, photo frame, wind chimes)

• Enrolment in a pottery class

• Pottery home items (vase, bowl, mugs, dish, jug, flower pot, candle holder)

• Pottery sculpture or figurine

• Salt and pepper dispenser (signifying the traditional salt theme)

Modern Anniversary Gift Suggestions

• Aventurine, bronze or tanzanite (alternate stone options for this anniversary)

• Flower-based gifts related to this anniversary (clematis or lilac), for example: plant, perfume, scented candles, bouquet of flowers, art print

• Lace clothing and attire (gloves, lingerie)

• Lace home items (tablecloth)

• Linen / Lace bedding

• Tourmaline jewellery (necklace, ring, earrings, bracelet)

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