17th anniversary gift themes and ideas

Browse these comprehensive ideas of themes for the 17th anniversary and pick out the ones that your loved one(s) are sure to cherish for a perfect wedding anniversary present.

Unique furnitureModern 17th Anniversary Theme for Gifts: Furniture

Representing security, familiarity and comfort of a marriage that is securely established, furniture makes an appropriate 17th anniversary gift theme.

Gemstone: Carnelian

Alternate Stone: Amethyst, Pink Tourmaline or Citrine; Alternatively, a Watch

Colour: Yellow

Floral Theme: Red Carnation or **Yellow Rose

Meaning admiration when given in its light red form, or deep love when given in its dark-red variety, the carnation is a wonderful 17th anniversary gift theme.

**The yellow rose is a romantic alternative for this anniversary, in keeping with the colour theme, and the symbol of eternal love that a rose represents.

Modern Anniversary Gift Suggestions

• Jewellery incorporating an amethyst / pink tourmaline / citrine (alternate stones for this anniversary), or alternatively, a watch

• Carnelian jewellery (necklace, ring, earrings, bracelet)

• Flower-based gifts related to this anniversary (red carnation), for example: plant, perfume, scented candles, bouquet of flowers, art print

• Furniture (new bed, coffee table, dining room table, book case)

Yellow Glazed Eternity Rose (signifying the yellow colour theme for this anniversary)


A video-clip of the striking Yellow Glazed Eternity Rose is below:

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